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"If you love yoga or have an on-again/off-again relationship with it, I highly recommend you take private lessons with Selena. From the assessment in the first session, to each session after, she really listens to what you want to achieve for yourself, physically and mentally, and creates a practice to get there. She’s not afraid to push you, but know that she will be right there to adjust you, place the blocks or mat in a better place, and support you as you continue to grow from session to session. She has a warm spirit that is welcoming and encouraging and you automatically want to accept each challenge willingly just to get the hug or high five when you surprise yourself! "

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"Selena instructed a private class with my cousin and I. She was timely, friendly and professional. She has a very welcoming presence and was open to any questions before and during the session. She also made a point to ask about any injuries or concerns so she could tailor our session accordingly. I am a yoga novice and my cousin is at an intermediate level. Despite that, Selena was able to craft a course that accommodated both of our levels. During the session, she explained what each of the stretches/poses were and remained mindful of both my cousin and I – helping us re-adjust ourselves through any stretches and poses as necessary. I felt great after our session! I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would highly recommend Selena! "

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"From the start of my first yoga lesson with Ms. Selena Brown, I immediately sensed I was in the presence of a true Leader. In addition to her relentless attention to the proper positioning of my body, Selena facilitated my learning by constantly offering me visual references & audio cues, by sharing personal and useful insights from her own yoga experiences whenever I found myself challenged, and by maintaining a uniquely warm and soft spoken demeanor while she gracefully lead me towards a space within which I have come to love revisiting as often as possible through Yoga. I recommend Selena to anyone seeking to explore the boundaries of their own physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the study of Yoga.  She is a wonderful human being, an exceptional Yoga Instructor, and I’m honored to call her a friend.  Namaste."

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"I highly recommend Selena as a yoga instructor. I attended a class of hers and it was a great experience to be pushed to new limits in my practice."

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