Pramana Wellness


Yoga. Meditation. Coaching.

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Yoga Instruction

Whether you are new to the yoga mat and looking to increase your strength or flexibility; a seasoned yogi or yogini seeking to take your practice to the next level; are looking for a bespoke approach to fit your unique needs; or simply seeking to bring out the "om" in your home, private yoga sessions can help you achieve your goals. Personalized classes can help you transform your relationship to your practice. From your very first session you will begin to develop a well-rounded practice that will improve your balance and posture; strengthen the muscles of your arms, legs, core, back, hands, and feet; foster confidence by succeeding with challenging poses inspired by your current and future practice goals; and acquire the knowledge that will empower you to cultivate a personal practice between guided sessions.  

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Meditation Instruction

Explore the relationship you have with your thoughts and emotions and cultivate the practice of resting in the present. You may select a single session, take a learn-to-meditate mini-series, or develop an ongoing practice. Experience a variety of techniques, discover resources for self-guided study, and dispel the misconception that meditation as an ever-elusive achievement reserved for only the most advanced practitioners. 

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Coaching & Counseling

When you find yourself at a crossroads, or when what was once well-rooted begins to feel like stagnation, sometimes an outside perspective can provide the mirror we need to  see things from a new angle. With a unique approach to counseling that borrows from Cognitive Behavioral, Mindfulness-Based, and Narrative Therapies while permitting a more direct approach than traditional psychotherapy, Pramana Wellness will help you establish your goals, cultivate the confidence to achieve them, and encourage you to acknowledge and celebrate the steps along the way.